Singapore has a globally renowned healthcare system known for its efficiency and quality. The system operates on a mixed financing model, utilising the “3M” framework – Medisave, MediShield Life, and Medifund. This ensures accessibility and affordability for all citizens, emphasising preventive healthcare and high-quality services.

Benefits of working in Singapore

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The high value on skills and contributions.

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Cross-Cultural Work Environment

Recognising the importance of personal well-being

High-Quality Healthcare Services

Safe and Clean Environment

Opportunities for Research and Collaboration

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Nursing Jobs in Singapore

Singapore's healthcare sector is rapidly expanding, making it a prime destination for nursing professionals seeking to advance their careers. The country is recognized for its world-class medical facilities, rigorous standards of care, and commitment to continuous learning and development for healthcare professionals.

If you are also considering Singapore as your next career move, read on to find out more about nursing jobs in this dynamic city-state. You can also contact Suntech Healthcare Professionals for personalized assistance with your job search in Singapore.

Benefits of Acquiring a Nursing Job in Singapore

  • Competitive Compensation: Nurses in Singapore receive competitive salaries that are commensurate with their qualifications and experience level. It, coupled with the high standard of living, makes it financially rewarding.
  • Professional Development: Singapore's healthcare industry offers a plethora of opportunities for continuous learning and growth, from specialized training programs to conferences and seminars that keep healthcare professionals abreast of the latest medical advancements.
  • State-of-the-Art Facilities: Working in Singapore gives nurses access to world-class healthcare facilities equipped with cutting-edge technology, which helps them deliver the highest standard of patient care.
  • Cultural Diversity: Singapore is a cultural melting pot, offering an international working environment and the chance to interact with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Strong Support Structure: The nursing profession in Singapore is highly regarded, and nurses enjoy a strong support structure, including mentorship programs, collaborative teams, and robust human resource policies.

Eligibility to Apply for a Nurse Job in Singapore

To apply for a nursing job in Singapore, candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria.

  • Qualification: The applicant must have a degree or diploma in nursing from a recognized institution.
  • Registration: The applicant should be a registered nurse in their home country. Depending on the position applied for, they may also need to register with the Singapore Nursing Board.
  • Experience: Depending on the job role, certain years of professional nursing experience may be required.
  • Language Proficiency: Since English is the primary language used in Singapore's healthcare institutions, proficiency in English is mandatory. Proficiency in other languages, such as Mandarin, Malay, or Tamil, can be an added advantage.
  • Other Requirements: Some roles may require specific skills or certifications, such as knowledge of a particular area of nursing (e.g., critical care, pediatrics, etc.), Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), or Basic Life Support (BLS) certification.

Please note that these are general criteria, and specific requirements may vary depending on the healthcare institution and the specific role. Suntech Healthcare Professionals can assist you in determining your eligibility and finding the right job for you.

Procedure to Apply for a Nursing Job in Singapore

For those interested in pursuing nursing in Singapore, the application process involves several steps:

  1. Job Search: Begin your job search by browsing through job advertisements on healthcare websites, job portals, and the websites of hospitals in Singapore. Suntech Healthcare Professionals can also help connect you with potential employers.
  1. Application Submission: Once you've found a suitable job posting, prepare and submit your application. That typically involves sending in your resume, cover letter, and any relevant supporting documents, such as certificates of qualification and letters of recommendation. 
  2. Interview: If your application is deemed competitive, an invitation for an interview will be extended to you. It could be conducted in person, over the phone, or via video conferencing, depending on your current location. Read up on common nursing interview questions and take the time to prepare thoughtful responses, as well as questions of your own.
  3. Job Offer: If your interview process is successful, you could be on the receiving end of a job proposal. Be sure to review the terms of the offer carefully, including the salary, benefits, working hours, and other conditions of employment.
  4. Registration: Upon acceptance of the job offer, you will need to register with the Singapore Nursing Board. The registration process involves verification of your qualifications and fitness to practice and may also involve a registration examination.
  5. Work Pass Application: Lastly, you will need to apply for a Work Pass or Employment Pass through the Ministry of Manpower. Your employer will typically assist with this process.

Remember, Suntech Healthcare Professionals can guide you through each step of the application process, making your transition to working in Singapore as smooth as possible.

Required Documents to Apply for a Nursing Job in Singapore

To process your application for a nursing job in Singapore, certain documents are needed. Below are the general documents required:

  1. Resume: A comprehensive resume detailing your education, work experience, skills, and achievements.
  2. Cover Letter: A cover letter tailored to the specific job role, explaining your interest and suitability for the position.
  3. Academic Certificates: Copies of your degree or diploma in nursing, as well as any other relevant academic certificates.
  4. Registration Certificate: Proof of your registration as a nurse in your home country.
  5. Professional Certifications: If required for the role, certifications such as ACLS or BLS.
  6. Identification Documents: Your passport or other valid identification documents.
  7. References: Reference letters or contact information of your references, if requested in the job posting.
  8. Language Proficiency Certificates: If applicable, certificates demonstrating your proficiency in English or other languages.

If you have all the requirements given above, then you are eligible to work as a nurse in Singapore. Ready to begin your journey? Reach out to Suntech Healthcare Professionals for more help.



Fresh out of nursing school in the west, Singapore felt like a whole new world. Job boards felt overwhelming, so I focused on networking. I connected with every nurse I could find, even vaguely related to my specialization. One coffee chat led to another, and within a month, I had an interview at a top private hospital – all thanks to the power of communication! My tip: be genuine, show your passion, and don't be afraid to follow up politely.


I'm a stickler for planning, so I devoured every job board I could find: the Ministry of Health website, Nurses SG, and hospital websites. I tailored my resume for each application, highlighting relevant skills and certifications for Singapore. It took patience – countless applications and interviews – but eventually, my persistence paid off. I landed a fantastic position in a public hospital, and the structured approach kept me motivated throughout the process.


My biggest hurdle was English proficiency. While my nursing skills were strong, the language barrier initially held me back. I enrolled in intensive English courses, specifically Suntech healthcare professionals, and it made all the difference. My confidence soared, and I could finally articulate my knowledge during interviews. It wasn't easy, but mastering English opened doors to exciting opportunities in Singapore's diverse healthcare landscape.


Job hunting can be stressful, especially in a new country. I decided to partner with Suntech Healthcare Professionals. They helped me navigate the application process, provided interview prep, and even connected me with potential employers. While there's an agency fee, their support and guidance were invaluable. Within a few months, I secured a contract position at a community clinic, gaining valuable Singaporean experience.


Finding a nursing job in Singapore wasn't a sprint, it was a marathon. It took months of research, applications, and rejections. But I never gave up! I attended hospital career fairs, volunteered at local clinics, and even reached out to nurses on social media for advice. My persistence paid off – a hospital administrator I'd connected with online recommended me for an opening, and I finally landed my dream job in critical care. So, remember, don't be discouraged, keep pushing, and trust the process.


Forget paper applications! I scoured Suntech Healthcare Professionals, setting up job alerts for relevant keywords. They used advanced filters to target specific hospitals and specialties. This helped me stay laser-focused and avoid getting swamped by irrelevant postings. This tech-savvy approach landed me an interview at a cutting-edge research hospital, where I'm now pioneering the use of AI in nursing care


As a foreign nurse, I knew I had to stand out. I volunteered at medical camps organized by Suntech Healthcare Professionals, contributing my skills and cultural perspective. This not only gave me valuable local experience but also allowed me to build relationships with influential figures in the nursing community. My proactive involvement eventually led to a permanent position at a renowned public hospital.


Singapore's emphasis on continuous professional development resonated with me. With the help and suggestions of Suntech Healthcare Professionals, I actively sought out workshops, conferences, and online courses to stay updated on the latest nursing practices and technologies. This dedication to learning not only enhanced my skills but also showcased my commitment to the profession. My proactive approach got me noticed, leading to a promotion within a year of starting my job.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • IELTS (Academic Test): The International English Language Testing System is compulsory for nursing professionals in Singapore. A minimum score of 7.0 in all components is typically required.
  • Occupational English Test (OET): This English language exam, specifically designed for healthcare professionals, is also recognized. A minimum grade of 'B' in all sections is necessary.

The application process for nursing vacancies in Singapore can vary, typically taking between 2 to 6 months. This timeline may extend depending on the completeness of the application, verification of documents and qualifications, and the response time of the Singapore Nursing Board. Therefore, applicants are advised to prepare well in advance to avoid delays.

The salary for nursing jobs in Singapore can range widely based on experience and specialization. Entry-level nurses can expect to earn approximately SGD 2,000 to SGD 2,500 per month. With experience and advancements, this can rise to around SGD 3,500 to SGD 4,500 monthly. Specialized nurses, such as theater nurses, can command higher salaries.

Yes, you can become a nurse in Singapore after completing a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nursing. The key steps include:

  • Getting your BSc degree evaluated by the Singapore Nursing Board.
  • Completing the mandatory language exams: IELTS or OET.
  • Submitting an application for registration to the Singapore Nursing Board.
  • Securing a job offer from a healthcare institution in Singapore.

Remember, the process takes 2-6 months.

Yes, nursing jobs in Singapore can be available even without prior experience. Fresh graduates with a recognized nursing degree are eligible to apply. However, note that:

  • Candidates may initially be appointed to junior roles.
  • Practical training and mentorship are often part of the onboarding process.
  • Despite being inexperienced, candidates must still meet the language proficiency requirements.

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