uk nurses recruitment from india

UK Nurses Recruitment from India

How to Apply for UK Nurses Recruitment from India?

  • Eligibility Check: Aspirants must first ensure that they meet the basic requirements set out by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) in the UK. These include a nursing degree, proficient English language skills, and at least one year of nursing experience.
  • English Proficiency Test: Candidates must demonstrate their English language proficiency by passing an approved test such as IELTS or OET.
  • NMC Registration: Once the eligibility criteria are met, applicants can register with the NMC and submit their application online. This step includes submitting educational certificates, employment references, and a health declaration
  • CBT: The next step involves taking a Computer Test (CBT), which assesses theoretical nursing practice knowledge.
  • OSCE: Successful candidates are then required to take an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) once they’ve arrived in the UK.
  • Visa Process: The candidate can apply for a UK visa after passing the exams. This involves submitting proof of employment from the hiring hospital and personal financial information.
  • Final Registration: Upon reaching the UK and passing the OSCE, the candidate can then complete the final registration with the NMC, officially becoming a Registered Nurse in the UK.


Remember, the entire process takes significant time and effort, so patience, determination, and a strong desire to advance one’s nursing career in the UK are essential.

What are the Eligibility Criteria for UK Nurses Recruitment from India?

The eligibility criteria for UK nurse recruitment from India are stringent, ensuring that only the most competent and skilled professionals are hired. Initially, candidates must possess a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing from an accredited institution. Following this, at least one year of relevant work experience in the nursing field is a prerequisite. Proficiency in the English language is a non-negotiable requirement, with candidates required to pass an IELTS or OET exam to demonstrate their language skills. Lastly, the candidate must be registered with the Indian Nursing Council. It is crucial to note that the UK’s Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) must recognize all qualifications and registrations.


What are the Benefits of UK Nurses Recruitment for India?

UK recruitment provides numerous advantages for Indian nurses. Here are the key benefits:

  • Global Exposure: Working in UK hospitals exposes Indian nurses to international healthcare standards and practices. It enhances their professional knowledge and skills, offering a world-class learning environment.
  • Career Growth: UK hospitals present numerous opportunities for career progression and professional development. Nurses can advance their careers by specializing in various fields.
  • Competitive Salary: The UK offers a competitive salary package for nurses, which is generally higher than what they earn in India. Additionally, they also receive benefits such as health insurance and pension plans.
  • Cultural Exchange: Living and working in the UK provides an opportunity for cultural exchange. Nurses can gain a broader perspective on life, enhancing their personal growth.
  • Improved Quality of Life: The UK offers a high standard of living. Nurses can enjoy a balanced work-life scenario with ample time for recreation and social activities.
  • Contribution to Home Country: After gaining valuable experiences and skills, these nurses can bring back and apply their knowledge to improve healthcare services in India.
What are the Benefits of UK Nurses Recruitment for India

What is the Nurse Recruiter's Salary in UK?

What is the Nurse Recruiters Salary in UK

UK nurse recruiters typically earn an annual salary ranging from £25,000 to £35,000, depending on experience and location. This significant range is due to the variability in responsibilities, the size and scale of the recruiting institution, and geographical factors. For instance, recruiters in London might earn a higher wage due to the increased cost of living.
When converted to Indian Rupees, this salary range translates approximately to ₹24 lakhs to ₹34 lakhs per annum (as of the current exchange rate of £1, equivalent to approximately ₹96.00). This represents a lucrative income, particularly compared to similar roles in India, providing a strong incentive for recruitment professionals to consider roles within the UK.
However, it’s important to note that the cost of living and taxation would also be higher. Nevertheless, the competitive salary, combined with the experience and exposure gained through working in the UK, makes it an attractive proposition for many professionals in the recruitment field.

What are the Different Types of Nurse Recruitment in UK?

How to Apply for UK Nurses Recruitment from India

There are several types of nurse recruitment in the UK, each varying in terms of requirements, roles, responsibilities, and benefits.

  • General Recruitment: This involves hiring Registered Nurses (RNs) to work in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, clinics, and care homes. These nurses provide direct patient care and work in tandem with doctors and other healthcare professionals.
  • Specialist Recruitment: This type of recruitment targets nurses with expertise in a specific area, such as cardiology, oncology, or pediatrics. These specialists often work in hospital departments, research institutions, or special care facilities that cater to their field of expertise.
  • Temporary/Contract-Based Recruitment: Temporary or contract-based recruitment is common in the UK, hiring nurses for a specified period to cover for staff shortages, leaves of absence, or seasonal fluctuations in patient numbers.
  • International Recruitment: This recruitment type is significant for nurses from countries like India, where the process is rigorous and involves multiple steps, including eligibility checks, proficiency tests, and specific examinations.
  • Nurse Educator Recruitment: This involves hiring nurses with advanced qualifications to teach in nursing schools and universities. These educators play a crucial role in shaping the future generation of nurses.
  • Community Nurse Recruitment: These nurses serve in community settings, providing care to patients in their homes or community clinics. They often work independently and have a significant role in health promotion and education.

These recruitment types reflect the diversity and richness of nursing roles in the UK, offering a wide range of opportunities for nurses to develop and grow their careers.

How can Suntech Healthcare Professionals help with UK nurse recruitment from India?

Suntech Healthcare Professionals takes pride in facilitating UK Nurse recruitment from India with proficiency and ease. Our team of professionals leverages their nurse recruitment expertise and deep understanding of the international healthcare system to expedite recruitment. We provide comprehensive guidance on eligibility criteria, application procedures, exam preparation, and regulatory registrations.

Our strong partnerships with top UK hospitals ensure seamless placement of our candidates. Moreover, our support extends beyond recruitment, assisting with visa processing, accommodation arrangements, and cultural orientation. At Suntech, we believe in transforming lives by providing Indian nurses with a global platform to build their careers, enrich their experiences, and contribute significantly to global healthcare. Trust us for a smooth, transparent, and efficient recruitment process, paving your way to a promising nursing career in the UK.



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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The Initial Steps: Suntech Healthcare Professionals starts by liaising with you through a personalized consultation, understanding your background, interests, and aspirations. Once you've been apprised of the opportunities available in the UK, you are guided through the complex application process.
  • Streamlining Credential Checks: The first step in the recruitment process is ensuring your educational qualifications and experience meet the standards required in the UK. We provide detailed checklists and assistance in obtaining any additional certifications or verifications.
  • Perfecting Your CV and Interview Techniques: Crafting a compelling CV that resonates with UK employers is crucial. Our recruitment experts conduct personalized CV workshops, arming you with interview techniques and ensuring you stand out in the competitive recruitment landscape.
  • NMC Registration: Finally, we guide you through the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) application, one of the most pivotal stages. Our team supports you through the rigorous process, from document preparation to the final application submission.
  • The IELTS Examination: The International English Language System (IELTS) is the most common language proficiency testing route. It focuses on an individual's listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Suntech provides comprehensive IELTS training and ensures you're equipped to meet the required band scores.
  • The OET Examination: An alternate path is the Occupational English Test (OET), which simulates real-world medical scenarios in language assessment. We conduct OET preparatory classes with specialized training in healthcare-related communication.
  • Ensuring Success in Language Proficiency: Our training programs are designed to aid in test-taking and empower you with language proficiency that will serve you well in a clinical environment, ensuring that language barriers do not hinder patient care.
  • Application to Placement: The process usually takes 6 to 9 months from the initial application to your placement. At Suntech, stringent timelines and proactive communication are our mandates, ensuring your placement is expedited without compromising thoroughness.
  • Visa and Initial Obligations: Upon your placement, obtaining a visa and fulfilling initial requirements can take another 2 to 3 months. We provide a clear roadmap for visa applications and support you through the related paperwork and processes.
  • Setting Up in the UK:  Post-arrival, Suntech assists you with accommodations, banking, and other essentials, acting as your local support system to smoothen the edges of relocation and help you settle into your new role effortlessly.
  • Diverse Opportunities: Nurses from India are sought after across a spectrum of healthcare settings in the UK, from the National Health Service (NHS) to private clinics and care homes. Suntech Healthcare Professionals offers placements based on your expertise, preferences, and career trajectory.
  • Acclimating to Work Culture: We provide extensive material and workshops to familiarize you with the nuances of the UK healthcare system, ensuring that you understand and adapt to the work culture and institutional protocols.
  • Career Support During Transition:
    Our services don't end at placement; we offer ongoing support and resources for your professional development, ensuring a seamless transition and a thriving career in the UK.
  • Pre-Departure Training: Our pre-departure training covers cultural sensitization, the UK's legal framework, and practical tips to better integrate into society, preparing you for a smooth transition.
  • Post-Arrival Care: Upon arrival, you're greeted by our team, which provides local orientation, assists with administrative tasks, and offers emotional support during the acclimatization phase.
  • Continuous Guidance: We continue to be your support system, with advisers available to address any concerns, connections to Indian communities in the UK, and ongoing workshops to enhance your skills and knowledge.
  • The Unmet Demand: The UK has been grappling with a nursing shortage, creating opportunities for international recruitment. Suntech Healthcare Professionals plays a pivotal role in this narrative, connecting Indian nurses with the UK's burgeoning healthcare landscape.
  • International Collaboration: Our partnerships with leading healthcare facilities in the UK ensure a pipeline of Indian nursing talent, contributing to solving the UK's healthcare workforce challenges.
  • Ethical Recruitment: We are committed to ethical recruitment practices, ensuring that placements are made where needed and meeting the NMC's professional standards and competency framework.


  • Cultural Sensitization Workshops: We conduct intensive sessions to brief you on the cultural nuances and diversity in the UK, helping you to adapt seamlessly to life in the UK.
  • Professional Development: Additionally, we offer programs focused on the UK's healthcare policies, professional ethics, and continuous learning modules, which are vital for your professional progression in the UK.
  • Peer Support Networks: Our professional adaptation programs also include establishing peer support networks and connecting you with fellow Indian nurses and healthcare professionals who have successfully transitioned.
  • Continuing Education and Training: The UK presents a myriad of options for continued education, allowing you to specialize in various areas of nursing. Suntech facilitates access to these opportunities, bolstering your career prospects.
  • Leadership and Management Roles:
    With experience and further qualifications, Indian nurses can advance to leadership and management positions in the UK's healthcare sector. We guide you on the pathways to ascend the professional ladder.
  • Staying Current with UK Healthcare:  Our commitment to your career advancement includes informing you about the latest developments in the UK's healthcare sector, ensuring that your skills and knowledge remain top-tier.
  • Family Visa Applications: We support family visa applications, ensuring your loved ones can accompany you on this life-changing transition.
  • Family Integration Services: Suntech offers integration services for your family, such as education consultation, spouse employment support, and settlement assistance, making the move a positive experience for everyone.
  • A Supportive Environment: Our mission is to create a supportive environment for you and your family in the UK from the first step of the process until well after you've settled in your new home.

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